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Member Benefits


Participation to the activities of the Club such as:

  • Family tours all over Cyprus.
  • Classic Car Shows and Exhibitions.
  • Member meetings
  • Barbecues.
  • Treasure Hunt Tours.
  • Philanthropic activities.
  • Information on all the activities organized by the Classic Car Clubs-Members of the Federation.
  • Participation to the Club Page on Facebook.
  • Information and news related to the international and local classic car scene.
  • Announcements for classic car sales.
  • Promotion and lobbying on matters related to the classic car status and situation in Cyprus (through the Federation).
  • Assistance regarding the law and benefits for classic car owners (discounted road tax and insurance) and registrations of classic cars to FIVA through our own Federation OKAK.
  • Meetings with members and exchange of views and ideas.
  • Participation at the General Meetings of the Club with full voting rights. You are also entitled, if you so wish, to run for office. The constitution of the Club is available from any member of the Board.
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