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The Club was formed by a group of dedicated Classic Car Enthusiasts: The CYPRUS CLASSIC CAR TOURING CLUB (CCCTC). The Club is catering to the Classic Car Owner who wishes to drive and enjoy on a regular basis his priced possession with his family, friends and other enthusiasts in a relaxed and enjoyable drive in the Cypriot countryside through unique, scenic and mostly quiet B Roads.

The Club that has been set up to:
  1. Promote the use of Classic cars through Tours and any other Classic Car activities which families can attend.
  2. To have fun during Classic Car Tours.
  3. Have at least monthly Classic Car activities.
  4. Attract those who want to enjoy their Classic Cars and who are not actively participating in other forms of Classic Car competitive events.
  5. Cooperate with any Classic Car Clubs in Cyprus and abroad in organizing Tours and other fun events

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